Sunday, 10 February 2013

Anime convention expo

Got my Saber costume dress :) it fits perfect~! The boots are fine, the sword and wig! For the wig I had a refund because it doesn't look anything like the picture XD it was missing the fringe so I had to go to my hair dresser to cut it for me, I had to pay £5 but it was ok! it looks like Saber now that all that counts. My hair is now platinum blonde XD my hair dresser has bleached it with a fair volume so it doesn't damage the hair and she as used a toner for it to get rid of the blonde hair. Had it blow dry and cut so it come to £35 which is awesome for the lot! I got a toner/mixer dye called Manic Panic virgin snow, got the tint/brushes for it, just waiting for my plastic cap to come~! Hopefully it will be done tomorrow~! Got some new art books to my collection, I had to do art commissions so happy I can finally get them with peace in mind. I will have to finish those art works before I go soon~! :)

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