Friday, 10 February 2012

Hi everyone

So Vday is coming up! anyone got a date for valentine's day? If not I will give you my hugs! Don't feel out if you haven't got one, just means your waiting for the right moment to come to find the one with patience and time is the key. :3 not wishing!

Lucky enough I started dating this January out of the blue! didn't excepted it so it's just matter of time and patience. I had a bunch of white roses early so I don't have to carry them round town on the day and open the gift in the morning. The card is so BIG. XD what? Will be going cinema to watch the new movie come out called chronicle and hope others are watching too?

Anyways not much be going on here! I had a good xmas and holiday except of being unwell with my illness and cold. DX But all is better now! I am still carry on with my uni, reading and practicing. :3 also been catching up with anime episodes which is amazing! I got new manga books to read called Moon Boy 9 volumes, read the first so far excellent. <3

Here the movie I was talking about, looks amazing and fantasy going on! here the trailer. :3

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